How to Increase Work Efficiency with RAM Mounts GDS Technology

The GDS Ecosystem has proven efficient for National Products Inc., the parent company of RAM Mounts. RAM Mounts is the leading manufacturer of rugged mounting solutions for a wide range of smartphones, tablets, GPS systems, cameras, printers and more. RAM Mounts supplies approximately 5,000 components on a ball and socket system.

NPI, in the production process of their mounts, utilize their GDS Technology to increase manufacturing efficiency. To further boost their productivity and provide ease of handling throughout multiple departments, they used Samsung tablet devices – specifically the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2.

The GDS Ecosystem is the complete line of GDS Technology that ensures your device is compatible across your docks, adapters, chargers, keyboards and more. Its goal is to keep your device protected, charged and synced across any application. The GDS Ecosystem provides convenience and reliability for several industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, fleet management, public safety, and more.

RAM Mounts GDS Dock and RAM Mounts Intelliskin
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Here’s an overview of the RAM Mounts’ Intelliskin and GDS Dock. First in line in the GDS Ecosystem is the Intelliskin. Intelliskin is engineered with Pogo Pin Technology – a feature that provides a seamless user interface and ensures that your device is compatible with the rest of the GDS Ecosystem. The Intelliskin serves as a protective sleeve to ensure that your device is secured with military-grade drop protection.

Meanwhile, GDS Docks provide your device with charging capabilities and data transfer once equipped with an Intelliskin. GDS Docks are future proof by providing scalability for its users. If the time comes that an upgrade is required, there is only the need to change the Intelliskin of your device without having to replace your GDS Docks.

GDS Docks are also compatible with the Samsung Dex. Workers that use their vehicle as a mobile workplace can slide in their device to their GDS Dock and proceed to access their files. The Samsung and GDS Technology combination are fully utilized for NPI’s warehouse and manufacturing operations.

Overall, GDS Technology is proven valuable to increase manufacturing efficiency for National Product Inc., especially after partnering with Samsung. Samsung tablets are used in all their operations from inventory, capturing information, quality control and more.

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